Apotheosis Anthology Submissions Update



I wanted to keep you guys updated as to the progress on the anthology. Tonight at midnight is the deadline for open submissions.

Here are the current submission statistics for Apotheosis:

  • Total number of submissions a few hours before the deadline: 231
  • Stories Rejected in the First Round: 90
  • Stories currently in the Second Round of Review: 12
  • Stories to be reviewed: 129 + whatever comes in tonight

Submission Notes:

  • The majority of the submissions were rejected immediately because they didn’t fit the stated themes and motif of the anthology. Three different submissions pointed out that they understood this, but that this story was so good they were certain I’d make an exception. One of these stories was very good, but alas, I felt like making an exception would compromise the vision of the anthology.
  • A good number of the submissions were well-written, but the major weakness was that the plot was underdeveloped or told vignette-style. Often the characters were there to die rather than experience the world.
  • Lastly, I am very pleased that a sizeable amount of unpublished writers have made this Simian Publishing project the very first submission of their work. So far 2 of them have made it to the second round!
  • I expect that I will finish the first round of submission review by Jan 18th.

Thank you and good luck to everyone that submitted a story. And thank you to the patrons that have supported this project!

Jason Andrew
Simian Publishing

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